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Supper with Fruit Salad – One for Each Side Salad

When it comes to serving a delicious and nutritious snack for your family to eat at any time day or night you will enjoy making this delicious fruit salad that is served in two glass bowls. Delicious blueberries, apples and other bright-colored fresh fruits are sure to please everyone who eats it. As always, if you spot a fruit in the recipe someone is allergic to, use another in its place. If your local grocer has a sale on varieties of apples or grapes, mix and match your purchase to make the fruit salad even better.

The fresh fruit is a special event when separated into two separate bowls and good luck convincing everyone that the ingredients are identical, because the contents of one bowl always tastes better than that of the other. One way to solve the situation is let each person at the table take some of the salad from each side. If you have special dessert bowls, this is a great time to use them, since the salad is special.

Another way to make this a fun and tasty treat is by adding some whipped cream to the edge of the bowl and a way to add an extra-special treat is by layering vanilla wafers and giving the fruit salad an extra crunch. Fruit salads can be great for any occasion including family events like picnics or social events like potlucks, barbecues, and parties. Add a spin to any fruit salad when you try out different fruits such as pineapple, bananas, and grapes. That is one of the best things about fruit salad, because fruits bring different tastes and colors to salad, unlimited because it can have as many varieties as you like.

Twin Fruit Salad in Two Glass Bowls
Summary: This fruit salad is made with colorful fruits like apple, kiwi, pink grapefruit, blueberries, strawberries, and mango. Served for breakfast or dessert, it offers lots of nutrients.
Cuisine: American
Recipe type: Salad
Serves: 8
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • 6 Red or Golden Delicious apples
  • 1 pink grapefruit
  • 4 Kiwi fruit
  • 4 bananas
  • 3 navel oranges
  • 1 small pack fresh blackberries
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • 1 small pack fresh blueberries
  • 1 pound strawberries
  • 2 ripe mangoes
  • 4 tablespoons sugar or sugar substitute for each dish
  1. Wash all the fruit and put it on paper towels to dry.
  2. Trim the stem tops off the blackberries and blueberries and divide them equally between two square bowls. Separate the mint leaves so there are no more than three to a section and divide the sprigs between each bowl.
  3. As you cut the following fruit, divide it equally between the two bowls.
  4. Remove the stem top from the strawberries and cut into quarters.
  5. Peel and core the mangoes and cut them into chunks.
  6. Core the apples and cut them into bite-sized pieces.
  7. Peel the oranges and divide into sections.
  8. Peel the grapefruit, cutting each section into thirds.
  9. Peel the bananas and slice two bananas into each dish.
  10. Peel the Kiwi fruit and slice across. Divide each slice into thirds.
  11. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of sugar or sugar substitute over the fruit in each dish Stir the fruit gently.
  12. Cover each dish with plastic wrap and chill the fruit in the refrigerator for two hours before serving.
  13. Dish the salad with a serving spoon into separate small bowls.
Some fruits freeze very well and others are best when fresh. When it comes to fruit salad, use the freshest fruit possible. In the United States, we have the benefit of fresh fruit from our neighbors to the South, which makes nearly every fruit available any time of year. Feel free to mix and match your favorites. It is always nice to make a note of new combinations, the taste, and reception by friends and family.

Photo Description:

Banana and orange slices, strawberry halves, mandarin oranges and kiwi pieces compose this delicious fruit salad served inside of two beautiful glass square-shaped serving dishes. These fun and festive fruit pieces are chilled first before being placed inside the dishes. Give them to family at dinner as a snack or dessert. To add a bit more of a delicate touch to these fruit salad bowls, add some fresh mint leaves to the top as a garnish. There is nothing quite as nice as fresh mint leaves for a hint of green and pleasant fragrance on top of delicious fresh fruit.

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