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Cobb Salad with a Mexican Seafood Twist

Ok before someone mentions it, it wasn’t lost on me that Cobb salads often have my beloved bacon and I had toyed with the idea and although it is usual easy to get me to add it into a recipe this one it just didn’t fit in, in my opinion. I didn’t want another meat competing with that lovely smoked salmon and at the cost of it you want it to be the center piece of this recipe not an also ran. Now as always my recipes are mere starting point suggestions if you are less constrained in the bacon department than me (like that happens often) then feel free to add it in.

As goes with any other ingredient you think I really missed the boat on add another row of it in just make it in small pieces that layout in row form nicely no big chunks in this salad that would be out of place. I had thought of some fresh tomatoes but at this time of year I was less inclined for the hit or miss ones in the store so I opted to just not do it. Now also on the avocado I call for hass avocadoes you use whatever kind you like best just make sure they are nice and ripe no second guessing this is a fresh kind of salad which is why I opted for the corn on the cob instead of another kind. Also feel free to grill the corn it will go nice with the smokiness of the salmon.

Also in hind sight it might have been better to switch around the order of things and move the cucumber and red onion and flip flop them so the color balance was better this is easy enough to do when you make yours up to you of course. Also the dressing is a nice light and sweet and tart combination and it would go good over the top or as I suggest use it on the side for dipping again a personal choice as to how heavy on dressing you like your salad. I personally like it on the side but my husband would drown the poor thing if his dietitian would let him. Continue reading

Simple Cucumber and Onion Salad

Now you can make this salad with a sharp knife instead of a mandolin if you have really good knife skills feel free but most of us will not get the consistency of thickness in the slice that make this salad really work. You want the cucumber slices very thin as this works best with the marinade used to impart flavor into the cucumbers. Now a small note this does take a bit of for thought as it is best marinated overnight so the cucumbers soak up the marinade flavor. Also cucumbers are best served chilled in my opinion they get a nicer crispness to them this goes for pickles too.

Now the dressing and salad is very similar to one mom made when I was growing up that we all loved I have given the dressing my own little spin (I use white wine vinegar mom used red or apple cider) I prefer the white it has a more delicate taste. Go figure me delicate (I grew up with three brothers) not likely. If you don’t have a mandolin you can see my reviews at my review site and figure out which is right for you, it really is a handy kitchen tool.

As for the salad it is really good with steak, and also good for a cookout or picnic salad. Frankly this is one of my husband’s favorite summer salads it is really simple but the onion and the cucumber work well together. Now you can make this with regular cucumbers if you prefer and feel free to use a sweet onion or whatever onion you like best they all work well in their own special ways. To serve you will want to use a slotted spoon as there is more marinade than it really needs. It is mainly to coat and soak in not so much as an actual dressing like normal salad dressing is. Continue reading

Classic Potato and Egg Salad with Chives

Although there are many potato salad recipes from all parts of the world with one of the best know being German potato salad but this dish is also a very main stay of many American meals especial during the summer months when people move their dinners outdoors to take advantage of the nice weather and get a chance to get outside. American cooks have been serving potato salad at cooks for a long time and although this salad’s origins may not be native it is as much a part of the culture as any other food item.

Now there are generally one of two ways to go when making a dressing for potato salad one being vinegar based and the other being mayonnaise based. In this recipe I join the two into a simple dressing that brings the best of both worlds together and melds into a very distinct dressing you will like for a change from the one dimensional others.

The vinegar helps give the mayonnaise based dressing a bit of an acid element that helps give the otherwise mild mayonnaise dressing a bit more pizzazz. If you haven’t tried this before it really offers a bit of freshness that takes the otherwise rich mayo based dressing and injects freshness into the dish. It is subtle as to much would be to sharp a contrast to the egg so I suggest keeping it where it is at the first time at least, afterwards feel free to experiment and see where you like the balance point. Continue reading

Greek Cucumber and Tomato Salad with Kalamata Olives

It seems the word is out and people are noticing the fact that Greek salad is a wonderful thing as a meal or as a side dish it is equally good as either. In the following recipe I offer you an authentic Greek salad and dressing recipe to go with it that is sure to be a hit. This salad is missing one thing but that is what makes it special no lettuce and that is one of the reasons it will work as a light dinner or lunch or could be served as a nice salad with say a lasagna recipe or maybe something a little more traditionally Greek instead of Italian.

If you haven’t had feta cheese in a salad before you’re in for a treat it is an excellent salad cheese it give any salad a real boost in flavor and makes it filling in a good way. Greek salad is a nice light salad and to complement it I pair it with a nice simple vinaigrette dressing that brings out the natural flavors in the salad too many dressings mask the underlying salad and this one doesn’t it highlights its strengths.

You could us a different onion but the little bit of extra bite of the red is a better compliment to the tomatoes and cucumber in my opinion and pairs better with the salty tang of the Kalamata olives nicely. The feta simple pulls it all together and helps make it one cohesive set of ingredients that not that many salads always manage to do. If you wanted as options you could put some anchovies and capers with this but I prefer this one without it is a bit less complex that way but in a good way. Continue reading

Chipotle Ranch Potato Salad with Sausage and Corn

I think by now you know I run more than one website on different food topics (if you missed the memo I think it is 15 but who’s counting) I do this because quite frankly one I have no life, and two I love food, that simple. Loving food is a true passion of mine but what I love most is verity so I cover different subjects on different days which allow me to go down many food paths. I have been doing this for a very longtime in Internet terms I am Coke. I think I may even out date Google themselves.

Now the beauty of doing this is I can take so many different directions and still fit in somewhere. I am lucky over the years and have teamed up with some fantastic people that help me keep the wheels and frying pans well oiled – olive of course. One of my oldest niches is Mexican food I just love the stuff and I love the whole feel of anything smelling of it and recently expanded my Mexican site to cover both sides of the boarder.

See what I have come to realize over all these years is great food is happening all around us and not just in my neck of the woods but in every corner of the globe. I happen to be fortunate to work with people from other countries and we realize that food is the one thing that brings us all closer. So although ten years ago I might not have done a salad like this today I realize it is all good, bring it all on the more the merrier. Don’t judge food by anything other than does it taste good and understand there are many flavors to life and the world. Enjoy them all life is too short as it is I still have loads more recipes in me. Continue reading

Mexican Rice Salad with Tuna and Vegetables

If you are not sure how to cook rice I will give you a quick low down on my favorite Japanese way of cooking rice or at least how it was explained to me. Use twice the amount of water as rice. bring the water to a rapid boil add a bit of olive oil or butter to the water and then stir in the rice and bring back to a boil. Once boiling stir one last time lower the heat to about low and place a lid on the pot. (Hint a heavy gauge pot is best I have a heavy cast aluminum one I use and a tight fitting lid of equal gauge). Allow to cook WITHOUT removing the lid for thirteen minutes, remove from the heat and do not take off the lid for five minutes “this is important to leave the lid on” after five minutes is up remove the lid and fluff up with a fork. That is the quick answer.

Now there are other methods of cooking rice such as the microwave, steaming and rice cookers. All depends on what you feel most comfortable with just don’t use that minute crap. It is worst then instant mashed potatoes in my opinion. The texture for something like this will be all wrong. Now if you are health conscientious you could sub out the white rice for brown or wild rice, I personally am not a fan of the texture of brown rice I know it is better for us but it just doesn’t feel right in my mouth.

I also know that albacore tuna is more expensive then chunk light and in my opinion there is a reason for that it is not as good chunk light that is. If I am going to use tuna I want the better quality (or tasting) one in my recipes once again if you can’t bring yourself to pay for albacore you could use chuck light just know that quality in my opinion will suffer. I am a big believer in buy the better ingredients if you want better outcome from any recipe will do better with better quality stuff going into it. Continue reading

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