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Recipe Publishing Network – for weekday recipes and so much more

Our main recipe site, this is where you will find all kinds of delicious recipes, certainly something for every palate and occasion. Ranging from appetizers and snacks to comfort food, elegant entrees, beverages and desserts, this is where we bring together flavors from all over the globe, so you can browse at your leisure to find something which makes your mouth water. As well as recipes, you will discover cooking tips and much more. Whether you are looking for easy weekday recipes, something to impress at a dinner party or simply looking for inspiration for tonight’s meal, this is where you will find everything you need.



Soup – for Soup Recipes for Any Occasion

Soup is enjoyed in every country, in literally every corner of the world. Ranging from mild and aromatic to spicy and bold, chilled and refreshing to piping hot and comforting, there is a soup recipe for every occasion, season and palate. Try a classic like French onion soup, creamy corn chowder or chicken noodle soup, or learn how to make your own consommé or broth. Discover the thickest, chunkiest soups as well as vibrant international broths. Soup can be served as a snack, beverage, appetizer or complete meal, and this website presents all the best soup recipes in one convenient place.



Barbeque – The Best Recipes for

Barbequed food includes classics like baby back ribs, prime steaks, pork and chicken, but there is so much more than that. Have you tried barbequed seafood, for example, or a barbequed pizza? Barbecue is all about cooking your food ‘slow and low’ which means keeping the heat down and cooking for hours to preserve the juiciness and allow the smoke from the fire to permeate right into the food. Flame-cooked food is always so good, and we have all the best BBQ recipes right here. – Marinades, Sauces and Gravies for the Meal of a Lifetime

A sauce is often the perfect way to finish a dish, to elevate it from plain to exquisite. Whether you are planning to make a savory sauce or a sweet one, we have a recipe to suit every occasion. Famous savory sauces include tomato, béchamel and Mexican mole sauce, while there are also plenty of sweet ones such as strawberry, chocolate or caramel flavors. As well as offering a lot of tips about making sure your sauces are the perfect consistency and offer the right flavor, we have plenty of new sauce, gravy and marinade ideas to whet your appetite, and make your fish, poultry or meat shine, or to complement your dessert perfectly with a matching or contrasting flavor.



Simple Dessert – The Best Collection of for Any Occasion

This excellent dessert recipe collection caters for every palate and occasion, featuring dessert recipes as diverse as cheesecakes, gelatin salads, pies, trifles and fruit puddings. Even if you are a dessert-making beginner, you will find some very simple dessert recipes here. The best desserts are those which combine the best tastes and textures with a freshness you simply cannot get from pre-made boxed desserts. A great dessert is the perfect way to end dinner on a high note and with our impressive yet simple dessert recipes and handy tips, you can become fully competent at making delicious desserts in no time.



Mexican – For Mexican Food that is Simply for Tasty Meals and Desserts Inspired from South of the Border

This site brings together all your favorite Mexican dishes in one place, so expect to find plenty of recipes for appetizers, snacks, lunches, dinners, desserts and even beverages here. Ranging from well-known dishes like tacos and burritos to lesser-known but equally authentic Mexican soups, salads and regional delicacies, this site gives you hundreds of recipes to choose from. The recipes are kept as easy as possible to enable all levels of cooks to make the dishes, and we offer recipes for every occasion.



Easy Party – Deliciously simple appetizers every time for Any Occasion

If you are having a party, having access to lots of easy party appetizers means that you can make a range of delicious snacks without spending hours doing so. Easy party appetizers include salads, pastries, hot and cold dips and more. These appetizers take just minutes to create and are simple enough for anyone to make them. Some are baked and others are just assembled with a few ingredients to make bite size snacks. Making easy party appetizers has never been so much fun and there are plenty of different appetizers to choose from, to suit every palate and occasion. – for for recipes from both sides of the pond

Some Italian dishes are famous all over the world, and this exciting cuisine is one which features to all taste buds. Prized for its use of fresh produce and typical flavors, this cuisine is well worth delving into and learning more about. Whether you are interested in pizza, pasta or lasagna recipes, exploring good Italian recipes for meat or fish, or discovering some authentic Italian desserts, you will find everything you need here. We offer both traditional Italian dishes from within Italy, and also the Americanized versions of Italian dishes you will find in American-Italian restaurants. Both have their own merits but it is interesting to learn more about the differences and discover how Italian food has evolved. – for simple treats of the sea made delicious

Just the word ‘seafood’ is enough to conjure up images of tasty shellfish and all the colorful fruits of the sea. This website features plenty of recipes for not only shellfish but also saltwater and freshwater fish. You will discover how to grill, steam, roast, poach, microwave and fry fish, and also how to use it raw or sear the outside only. Fish can be coated in batter and fried if you want something crispy, or how about using shrimp or crab to make a healthy summer salad? This site offers a wealth of seafood recipes, certainly something for every season and occasion. If the sound of seafood is tempting your taste buds, this is the site for you.



Amazing Salad – The Only Thing Better Than a Fresh Salad ia

Delicious Fresh Salads – This comprehensive blog delves deeply into the world of salads, offering plenty of different recipe inspiration, cooking tips and much more. Salads are great for lunch, dinner, appetizers or to serve on the side, and there are hundreds of different ones to choose from. Whether you are looking for a simple ham, chicken or tuna salad recipe, a traditional potato salad or egg salad recipe or something new and unique, we have the best and most simple salad recipes for you. Anybody can make a fantastic salad, even cooking beginners. We will show you step-by-step how it is done.



Fried – Discover the taste of real fried chicken for that great Southern taste

If you are looking for the perfect deep fried chicken recipe, this is the right place to find it. Not only that but we have many different deep fried chicken recipes for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a heavy batter, a light batter, a classic southern fried chicken recipe, or even a Caribbean style of deep fried chicken, you will find all this and more here. Deep fried chicken is very popular and is a great comfort food. – Cookware for the Home Cook and So Much More

Even if you are cooking the tastiest recipe in the world, the results are not going to be up to scratch unless you are using the right cookware. High quality cookware is essential in any kitchen and the importance of it should not be underestimated. Some home cooks are unaware of the difference between stainless steel and copper cookware, curious about whether to use metal or Pyrex in the oven, not sure how to choose cookware which is going to last, or curious about how safe certain cookware materials really are. Put your mind at rest and ensure you are using the right cookware. It will help to ensure your recipes come out perfect every time. You will find all the cookware information you need at this site, plus a few tempting recipes to make in your pots and pans.



TeaTime – Tasty Recipes for TeaTime TeaTime Recipes

The English tradition of enjoying a pot of tea with delicious finger food is a real treat. This custom is not only popular in England, but anywhere tea is enjoyed. Learn more about different types of tea and all the wonderful finger food and snacks you can make to go with the tea. Battenberg cake, cucumber sandwiches and savory tartlets are just some ideas. Find out more about the etiquette of afternoon tea and find teatime menu inspiration.




Recipe – Fun Food Quizzes and Games for Foodies Recipe Trivia

Food is not only enjoyable to eat, but also fun to learn about. If you fancy yourself as a foodie, why not try some of these food quizzes? Try the ‘Name the Recipe’ game and see how many you get correct. You can find all kinds of tempting recipes here, as well as lots of games and quizzes to keep you guessing. Suitable for everyone from beginner cooks to passionate chefs and gourmets, offers something for every food lover. Smart buying starts with my reviews – I take and do the work so you can make smart choices

I run one none food site which is an off shoot of being on the web so much. That site is a product review site as I spend so much time researching different things I like to bring my knowledge to people in a way that can help busy moms save time online shopping. Well as such I have gotten really good at spotting stand out products that just do better than other. I try to only bring four star products or better I want value in what I review.

I know as a working mom time is so precious these days and it never seems like there is enough of it between work, kids and the other members of the family. Doesn’t seem like there is any left for you. So I have taken to reviewing products with you in mind. You have no time how do you make informed buying choices without weeding through tons of reviews to see what works and what is a flop. I take and do this for you by going through all the reviews and consolidating them into the winners so you can save time by getting to the heart of the mater. So if you are short on time why not check out my site and find some hot deals that are sure to meet your expectation.



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Hello and welcome to Amazing Salad Recipes. My name is Christine and I'm delighted you are visiting. I started this blog because salad is such an important dish. It can be a side dish or a whole meal, and there are so many type I love to prepare and serve to my family, helping them get all their nutrients as well as having something they can really enjoy.

I have collected lots of salad recipes all in one place, to make finding the perfect salad for the occasion as convenient and easy as possible. Making a special salad can take as few as 5 minutes or you might be using freshly grilled seafood or meat as some of the ingredients, or adding other special touches.

Whether you are looking for a chicken salad or egg salad recipe, something international or unusual, or an elegant salad for a dinner party, you will find it all here. We have salads for carnivores and vegetarians, and also plenty of sensational salad dressings for you to consider. So take a look at some of our exciting salad recipes and choose something amazing to impress your family with.

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