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Interesting Cobb Salad History

The cobb salad is a garden salad and Bob Cobb is credited with the invention of this dish. Cobb owned The Brown Derby and fancied a snack late one night in 1937. He found some miscellaneous ingredients in the big hotel refrigerator – lettuce leaves, romaine, watercress, an avocado, chicken breast, cheese, hard-boiled egg, chives, and French dressing.

He added some crisp bacon (thanks to a nearby chef) and the first cobb salad was born. Another story states that Chuck Wilson, Cobb’s chef, invented the salad. Sid Grauman from Grauman’s Chinese Theater requested a “cobb salad” the following evening and the dish soon featured on the menu.

Cobb salad achieved an immediate following. Jack Warner, the movie mogul, regularly sent his driver to collect a carton of this tasty salad for him to enjoy. More than four million cobb salads have been sold from Brown Derby restaurants since 1937.

A similar salad in the Midwest, especially Nebraska, consists of very similar ingredients but has spinach instead of iceberg lettuce and does not have the same vinaigrette, so some people think this dish originated in the Midwest. The Midwest version dates back to 1917.

Interesting Cobb Salad HistoryWith a cobb salad, the ingredients are arranged in neat rows, rather than being tossed with mayonnaise or dressing, or sandwiched between two pieces of bread. This is one of the nicest-looking salad recipes and it has probably been prepared that way throughout cobb salad history.

How to Make a Unique Cobb Salad

Cobb salad is known for its ingredients being chopped small and arranged in neat rows, rather than the ingredients being tossed together on the plate or layered. Although it is traditionally made with salad greens, bacon, tomato, chicken, egg, chives, Roquefort cheese and avocado, you can change the ingredients if you want, perhaps using one or two types of salad greens, swapping the chives for parsley or cilantro, or exchanging the Roquefort for cheddar or mozzarella.

The traditional dressing for cobb salad is a red wine vinaigrette but you can use your favorite dressing on your cobb salad if you want to. Perhaps you would prefer to use something creamy like a blue cheese dressing or even a honey mustard dressing. Of course, this means your cobb salad will not be the authentic kind, like in the cobb salad history, but if you want to change some of the ingredients for those you prefer or those which are more available, go ahead. Make your cobb salad your way and you will enjoy it all the more. It makes a great meal and is filling but not heavy.

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