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German Potato Salad History

Modern potato salad is usually a combination of potatoes, salt, pepper and mayonnaise or cream. German potato salad, on the other hand, is more likely to contain oil and vinegar and it is usually served warm, perhaps with onion and crispy bacon.

This type of potato salad was associated with German immigrants, which is why it is known as German potato salad. Germany has a lot of potatoes and plenty of recipes for them and this country was almost definitely among the first to imagine combining potatoes with some kind of dressing.

More about Potato Salad German Style

Many Germans enjoy tart flavors (think of sauerkraut or sauerbraten) which is why most of them enjoy the flavor of vinegar along with the oil. Some Germany potato salad recipes contain sugar to lessen the acidic taste and others contain mustard to further spice things up. Bacon and the flavorful drippings from the pan were often added to the potato salad as well, to add a salty, meaty flavor to the dish.

When this dish reached France, the French chefs decided that vinaigrette (made with sweet tarragon and Dijon mustard) was more suitable for French palates, rather than the bold-flavored German style of dressing. If you order German potato salad, you can expect a warm salad with oil and vinegar but no mayonnaise.

German Potato Salad HistoryYou might think this salad recipe sounds strange, especially if you are a fan of traditional potato salad recipes, but it is well worth a try. German potato salad goes beautifully with pork sausages.

Other German Salads

Although warm potato salad with oil and vinegar is one of the most famous German salads, there are others. Gurkensalat is famous in Germany and that is a cucumber salad, made with cucumber, red onion and dill weed, with salt, sugar and vinegar for flavor. If you like sauerkraut, which is German pickled cabbage, you might like to make a sauerkraut salad. Combine some drained sauerkraut with chopped onion, bell pepper, and celery, and add celery seeds, sugar, and white vinegar for flavor.

A typical German tomato salad contains tomatoes and raw onion, along with oil and vinegar, and perhaps some parsley. This would be a nice accompaniment to grilled meat or fish.

A German winter squash salad is made with raw grated winter squash, apples, and sunflower seeds, with some oil and lemon juice to season it. This is an unusual but tasty recipe. Vinegar, and olive oil are frequently used to flavor German salad recipes, and fresh herbs like parsley are common too. German salads are especially

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