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What are the Most Popular Salad Dressing

Is it possible to determine the most popular salad dressing? There is so much variety in the market and if you could do a sneak peek inside the refrigerators of the neighborhood, you would probably encounter several bottles of different types of dressing in each.

On a positive note, that means as a nation, we are more serious about eating salads. In answer to the question, the most popular salad dressing might make the hackles of the reader rise. Everyone agrees that his or her preferred dressing should be number one on the list.

You have probably visited several dinner houses that offer salad with their house dressing. That serves two purposes. The chef and the restaurant brand themselves by the incredible taste of the dressing and guests return for the flavor. Economy is the other purpose.

The prep staff are not busy making assorted salad dressings and there is no need to order bottle upon bottle of dressings that must be stored until used and refrigerated after opening.

To satisfy curiosity, restaurants reported that the fifth most popular choice is bleu cheese dressing. Just edging it out, in fourth place, is Italian dressing. Somewhat surprisingly, Caesar dressing appeared as the third most requested dressing, while vinaigrette came in second.

What are the Most Popular Salad DressingWhen you consider how much variety vinaigrette has, such as raspberry, pecan, strawberry and orange, that is no surprise at all. The number one most popular salad dressing is Ranch dressing.

A heavier dressing, it has a light and somewhat tart creamy blend. It took several years to become number one. Ranch dressing is a popular dip for fried chicken, fries, and chips, which might have prompted people to try it with salad.

Your Favorite Salad Dressing

Do you actually have a dressing or do you just love trying different ones? Some people always ask for ranch dressing or vinaigrette no matter what ingredients happen to be in the salad. Does that sound like you? If so, there is nothing wrong with having your favorites, but it is also nice to try new dressings from time to time.

If you usually go for a zesty vinaigrette, you might like to sample a bleu cheese dressing or a creamy ranch dressing. If you often go for something creamy then perhaps a basic extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar combination might remind you how non-creamy dressings can also be very tasty.

You might even like to try out something brand new which your taste buds have never sampled before, like an avocado dressing, a grapefruit dressing, or even something spicy or Asian. There is nothing wrong with having a favorite but trying new salad dressing recipes from time to time can really excite your palate and open your imagination to new salad possibilities.

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