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Some Easy Ways on How to Make Salad Dressing

Chances are good that you are ready to change to homemade dressing. Preservatives, sodium and various ingredients and nutrition statistics on ready-made salad dressings are distressing. When wondering how to make salad dressing, you might be prepared for a long, detailed, inconvenient list of ingredients and preparation steps. Good news! The most difficult step of all is waiting for mealtime so you can enjoy your salad and delicious, personalized dressing.

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of dressing you want to start with. Fat is a necessary ingredient of a tasty dressing. There is an incredible variety to consider as you select the type of fat you are going to use. Light dressings are oil based and encompass the vinaigrette dressings.

Creamy and heavy dressings use sour cream or soft cheese as the foundation. Fat works as an agent to allow the body to absorb vitamins from vegetables and salad greens. Next, decide if you want to use acid from limes, oranges, vinegar, or lemons. Different acids give different flavors, sometimes sweet, sometimes tart, and always interesting. Add the seasonings. Salt and pepper are highly recommended. Just a bit of mustard provides an emulsifier to hold the ingredients together.

The dressing is easily mixed. Put the ingredients in a jar, cover it, and shake the jar to blend the dressing. A few specialized dressings, particularly those including fresh egg, taste better when blended in a food processor or with an electric hand blender. Think of one or two dressings you like find the recipe online and discover the great taste when you learn how to make salad dressing.

Some Easy Ways on How to Make Salad Dressing

Which Salad Dressing to Make

Different salad dressings suit different foods, but the good news is that many dressings are really versatile, going well with different salads. If you want to make a blue cheese dressing, for example, combining blue cheese, sour cream, black pepper and milk, you will find this is just as flavorful with a chicken salad as it is with a mixed vegetable salad, a garden salad recipe, a crab salad, or another type of salad recipe. Perhaps you want to start with a simple vinaigrette, mixing together extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar, and adding some herbs or spices, in which case you will find this suits pretty much any salad dish.

Choose a dressing to suit the salad, either to complement the flavors or to contrast. You can use a creamy dressing for a fruit and seafood salad, or a pineapple or tomato-based dressing over a chicken salad. Use your imagination and see which flavors you can combine to make something delicious. Some salad recipes suggest a dressing, and others leave it to you.

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