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Salad Gadgets and Salad Dressing Gadgets

One of the most famous salad gadgets is the salad spinner, and this kitchen tool is used to wash lettuce and remove excess water. It uses centrifugal force to do this. If you do not dry your salad leaves before making a salad, they will go limp and the salad dressing or oil you dress them with will not stick to them properly. Salad spinners have been used since the 1800s but the modern type used today dates back to the 1970s, and were designed by Jean Mantelet and Gilberte Fouineteau, a pair of French designers.

The Mouli Manufacturing Company introduced a crank-operated one in 1974 and other companies were also experimenting with the best salad spinner designs. Demand was very high at the time and every home cook wanted one of these gadgets. A salad spinner is made from plastic and has an outer bow and an inner strainer basket. The cover which goes around the outside bowl has a spinning mechanism which makes the strainer inside spin. The water exits through the basket slits and goes into the outer bowl. This might be operated with a pull-cord, crank handle, or push-button. Salad spinners are handy to have, although they tend to be large and bulky, taking up valuable kitchen space.

Salad Bowls and Salad Servers

Salad bowls come in various shapes, sizes and colors, and they can be made from wood, plastic, glass, or another material. Many people favor the transparent kind, because this allows you to view the salad inside, which is especially important if you are making a seven layer salad recipe or something similar, else you would only be able to see the top layer. Salad servers might have long or short handles and are utensils used to transfer the salad from the serving bowl on to your plate. A traditional pair of salad servers is one large spoon and one large fork, both rounded to grip the salad, but you can also get “salad hands” which are like a pair of wooden or plastic “hands” and you can use these to toss the salad or to serve it.

Another handy gadget is the “salad on ice” set and this looks like a transparent salad bowl but it features a compartment underneath where you put water and freeze it to get ice. As all home cooks know, serving salad when the weather is very warm usually means you will have a limp salad very soon, but if you use a “salad on ice” set, you can keep the temperature low and keep your salad fresher for longer.

Salad Dressing Gadgets

Perhaps you have seen salad dressing jars in the store. These look like regular jars for adding your salad dressing ingredients and shaking, but some of them have recipes printed on the side, along with lines showing you the amount of each ingredient to add, which is very handy if you want to ensure you put the correct ratio of ingredients into your dressing.

Of course, you do not have to follow the suggestions on the jar. You can make any shaken salad dressing in a salad dressing jar. In fact, you can also rinse out an empty salad dressing jar, peel off the label, and make your own salad dressing in there. It is a good idea to sterilize it first, and you can do this by running it through a dishwasher cycle or boiling it for ten minutes in a pan of water.

Another idea is the salad dressing mixer and this looks like a regular jar but it has a long blade in it. You add the ingredients for your salad dressing, put the top on and squeeze. The blade then whips around a few times, blending the salad dressing ingredients. If the dressing starts to separate, another couple of squeezes will re-combine everything.

Salad dressing gadgets can be fun but you do not need to invest in all these gadgets to make salad dressing recipes. To be honest, all you really need to make the best salad dressing recipes is imagination and the ability to stir or shake ingredients together. Salad dressing has to be one of the easiest things to make.

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