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How to Bottle Salad Dressing

Bottling salad dressing is just as easy as that. Place it in a bottle and cover tightly. To keep the best flavor, however, use these other steps to get the best results every cook desires. The most important part of how to bottle salad dressing is to keep the recipe small. Most recipes cover several salads, so unless you are planning on a crowd for a couple of days, prepare that amount. Once you have the basic dressing fixed, you can add variety by dividing the dressing into several bottles.

Use clean glass jars and lids. Microscopic bacteria are often dormant, unable to detect on an otherwise clean jar. Putting the jars and lids in boiling water for five to ten minutes before use or running through a cycle in the dishwasher is a good way to prepare the jars and seals.

A bit of bleach in the dishwater will kill most any bacteria lurking from whatever the jar previously held. Close the lid tightly to prevent air exchange in the refrigerator. Use stick-on labels to identify the date of preparation, the ingredients, and the use-by date. That saves the guesswork on its inception and if it is still good to eat.

Glass bottles are great because they are easy to clean and the glass does not absorb the flavor of the food within. Use baby food jars to hold individual portions of dressing flavored with herbs or mixed with other ingredients. Upcycling the jars is good for the environment and an economical step for you. They are the perfect size to send a sample with a friend or relative who wants to take some home to try on tomorrow’s salad and there is no worry about the jar’s return.

How to Bottle Salad DressingMaking Salad for a Crowd

Making bottled salad dressing means you are going to make several bottles at once. After all, if you only require enough for one salad it is easier just to whisk the ingredients together. What about making a salad for a crowd?

If you are catering for a lot of people you might want to base your recipe on economical ingredients and then add other things to the salad, unless you are not on a budget. You can use staples like rice to make rice salad or pasta to make pasta salad, adding whatever salad dressing, vegetables, herbs, spices, or other ingredients you choose.

If you want to make a cheap salad dressing for two hundred portions of salad, try combining a gallon of Miracle Whip with two pints of heavy whipping cream and ? cup of white sugar. This is certainly more economical than using mayonnaise, and you can toss this dressing with your favorite salad – something like macaroni and crab with vegetables, or rice, corn and peanuts with celery, would work.

Bottled Salad Dressing as Gifts

You can give homemade jams and jellies as a gift, so why not bottled salad dressing? As long as you make something flavorful and use a sterilized jar for it, this should be a gift which is appreciated because salad dressing is always useful and homemade salad dressing is extra good. You can even make some creative labels for the bottles. What about making three different kinds and giving each friend three mini bottles of homemade salad dressing bound together with a festive ribbon and bow? That would make a charming gift.


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