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The Priceless Salad Keeper

When it comes to keeping your salad fresh, it is hard to beat a salad keeper. Created by many companies, these wonderful inventions are priceless when the freshness and quality your salads maintain while in storage are considered. Nearly everyone has taken lettuce salad from the refrigerator only to find that some of it has gotten limp and soggy. Not only is it an unpleasant chore to remove the unsavory pieces, it is a waste of money, not a very popular option these days.

The secret of the salad keeper is the inside piece, built with breathing holes to keep the salad from sitting in the liquid while preventing it from drying out. This makes it ideal for coleslaw and fresh green salads. The airtight seal also makes the salad keeper a wonderful container for potato and macaroni salad.

You can store your Divine Onion-Garlic Salad Supreme in the refrigerator with the milk without being concerned over unwanted flavor exchanges. Some of the options on salad keepers include adjustable venting. As water evaporates into the ventilated storage chamber it circulates back to the different fruits and vegetables in the salad, providing the correct level of moisture needed.

Another tip to avoiding brown lettuce and other fruits and vegetables is the type of knife used to cut the produce. Stainless steel blades cause chemical reactions on some fresh fruits and vegetables. Minimize this problem by using a plastic lettuce knife designed to cut foods. Some of the lettuce knives attach to a handle and others are one piece. The serrated edge cuts easily through celery, cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes, as well as fresh bread. Exposure to air can cause oxidation, but it will be considerably less.

The Best Handy Salad Gadgets

Whether it promises to save time or save money, home cooks are always interesting in finding out about the newest nifty kitchen gadget. A salad keeper is a great idea, especially if you make a lot of simple salad recipes and like to keep your salad ingredients in tip-top condition, but there are also other devices and utensils you might be interested in. Salad spinners are always useful. Lettuce leaves should be rinsed to remove bits of dirt or earth, but rinsing them is much easier than drying them.

Drying every leaf individually with paper towels is going to take a long time, and shaking the salad leaves means water all over your kitchen, which is why a salad spinner is such a great idea. Simply rinse your lettuce leaves under cold running water, then pop them in the salad spinner and give them a good spin until they are dry. Your salad dressing will cling better to dry leaves and you will not be left with a pool of water on your plate after eating the salad.

More Devices to Save Time

One device which saves time and effort is the apple corer. These have metal blades and plastic or rubber handles, and you simply push it down over your apple, giving you eight wedges and removing the core at the same time. Another handy gadget is the smart-peeler, which is like a regular vegetable peeler except it has a clear plastic chamber around the blade, storing the peel so you can empty it out easily. Having some handy salad gadgets means that salad preparation is quicker, easier and more fun.

Progressive Lettuce Keeper


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