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Simply Delightful Fresh Fruit Salad

What a treat to go to the Farmers Market and find all the things needed to make fresh fruit salad. Cherries are much easier to add to salads when you have a cherry pitter and because the devices are quality-made, one cherry pitter will virtually last forever.

A secret most chefs have is that the special tools go into a locked drawer or case, with only certain people allowed access. It is okay to put kitchen tools such as apple corers, cherry pitters, and pizza cutters where they are safe and accessible when needed.

Some fruits have great holding power and others begin to fade once peeled and cut for a salad. When making fresh fruit salad, choose fruits that have similar characteristics. For instance, peaches, apricots, watermelon, and plums all have a significant amount of water and the salad needs eaten quickly for the best flavor. Fruit salads made with apples, cherries, strawberries and grapes will hold for an extra day when properly covered and refrigerated.

Some people add a bit of sugar to the salad for extra holding power. Others sprinkle lemon juice. Your favorite yogurt is a wonderful addition and is a great way to get calcium into your family without them realizing what is happening. Half a tub of whipped topping is another option that is a quite popular mix with fruit.

Simply Delightful Fresh Fruit SaladIf it seems as though there should be something more, add chunks of pineapple, nuts and sliced celery. Flaked coconut is another option. There is really no limit to the ability to add just a tad more of something to fruit salad. Working with different recipes increases your knowledge of many types of fresh fruit salad.

Healthy Dried Fruit Salad

If you enjoy fresh fruit salad recipes, you might also enjoy making and eating a dried fruit salad. People have been drying fruits since ancient times, especially oriental ones like figs and dates. To dry fruit, you need to decrease the moisture level by 20% or more. Dried fruits are highly nutritious and a nice component in simple salad recipes too.

Dried fruits retain the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruit, but of course it keeps for much longer. Dried fruit is a healthier snack than chips or candy, and you can buy it or make your own. Dried fruit offers fiber and carbs for energy, although drying fruit also brings out its sugar which is why dried fruit is sweeter than fresh fruit. Because fruit decreases in size as it dries, they contain more calories than fresh fruit, because they retain the same amount of sugar per piece.

Delicious Dried Fruit

Dates and figs are rich in potassium, as well as sulfur, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese. Nuts, which you can also add to your dried fruit salad recipe, contain oils and lipids, and they provide energy. Dried apricots are rich in sodium and potassium, and peaches and apricots provide iron and folic acid.

You can combine various types of dried fruit to make a dried fruit tray or dried fruit salad, or you can dice it and toss it with rice and mayonnaise to make a dried fruit rice salad. Swap the rice for macaroni for a dried fruit and macaroni salad. Dried fruit really is delicious and you can add some whole or chopped pieces to any green salad recipe for a splash of color and some extra nutrients.


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