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Simple Summer Salads

The hot weather is here and motivation for cooking is at a low. Start thinking easy summer salads, the healthy meal that can incorporate nearly any type of food in the house. Some of the items that make salads taste so good are very high in carbs and/or calories. The danger of splurging on those items reduces when mixed into a salad. The best way to sell your family on summer salads is to offer chilled additions. Be certain to set out small serving dishes of salad dressing with small serving spoons.

Cook boneless, skinless breast of chicken first thing in the morning. Slice it into small strips. Then fry it for 2 to 3 minutes on each side in some oil. Add seasoning one minute before the chicken is finished cooking, such as pepper, oregano, or thyme. Put the chicken on a plate to cool. Cover it with plastic wrap or seal it in an airtight container. Set it in the refrigerator to chill until dinnertime. At the same time, hard-boil some eggs to add to the salad. You can turn them into deviled eggs when you get home from work or just slice them onto each individual salad.

Diners use less dressing than usual when giving a plastic bottle a hefty squeeze and waiting until the last drop falls. People also tend to eat what is on their plate, as long as they do not have to put it there. Attractive small dishes for the dressing are decorative, too. Green summer salads are easier to eat if you cut the lettuce into bite-sized pieces. There is no need to cut cherry or grape tomatoes. Decorate the top with egg and chicken slices and serve with crispy breadsticks.

More Summer Salad Ideas

Simple Summer SaladsFruit is always popular in the summer, not only because it is in season and there is plenty of it around, but also because you can add freshness and color to any salad recipe by adding some whole, chopped or sliced fruit. This also adds extra nutrients. Choose from apple, pear, grapes, apricot, peach, nectarine, orange, pineapple, mango, or others. You can use fresh or canned fruit, or even thaw some. If you are tossing your salad with dressing, canned or thawed fruit is fine.

If you are garnishing the salad with fruit, use fresh because it looks better. You might like to add strawberries to a chicken salad, apple slices to a cold meat platter, or pineapple to a tuna salad recipe. Fragrant ingredients like fresh herbs, seafood, and delicate summer vegetables are also nice to use during the warmer months.

Keep Summer Salad Cool

Most salad recipes are best served chilled, so if you are serving a salad when the weather is hot it might be best to chill it until you are ready to serve it, else the greens might wilt and the other ingredients might not fare so well either. If you want to keep a salad cool on a buffet table, fill a container with water and freeze it, then put this in a big bowl underneath the salad. It will keep the salad very cold, as if it were on a bed of ice. Be careful with ingredients like seafood and mayonnaise in the heat too. It is not safe to leave salads sitting in the heat for too long.


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