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Refreshing Catalan Salads

Mediterranean style salads lay claim to light and refreshing. Catalunya is the home of Catalan salads. Better recognized by the name Catalonia, Catalunya encompasses such areas as Barcelona, Ibiza, Tarragona, and Majorca. Spain is very into racing and the Rally RACC Catalunya is one of the famous races held in that nation.

There is no way racers are going to settle for a wimpy salad. They want something tasty and delicious, easily provided with Catalan salads. Traditionally, endive forms the base of the salad, although you might see a recipe now and then calling for Bibb lettuce. It is a matter of personal choice. The important thing is to get fresh produce for the best results.

Always wash endive well. Like celery, some of the soil comes with it, packed down towards the bottom. Other items in Catalan Salads are artichoke hearts and cooled cooked green beans. Sliced tomatoes and shallots complete the basic requirements, with a dash of fennel seed added to bring out the flavor of the greens.

As with many Mediterranean dressings, the purpose is to enhance the salad, not overcome it. A basic Mediterranean dressing of olive oil, sherry wine vinegar and seasoning combines with the overall taste and appeal of this dinner course. That is an important thing to remember about this international recipe.

Refreshing Catalan SaladsIn Spain, salads are courses rather than side dishes. The salad is an individual offering to eat and enjoy before serving the main course. Catalunya recipes include additions of raw carrot slices or meats, such as sausage and ham. Conservative is the guideword, preparing oneself for dinner, not making salad the dinner. For a burst of fresh flavor, cut fresh mint leaves into thin strips and add to your Catalan salads.

Famous Spanish Salad Recipes

Of course Catalunya is only a part of Spain, and each region of this country has its own special salad recipes. A typical Spanish mixed salad is likely to contain tomatoes, corn, tuna, carrot, onions, and green olives, and be served on a bed of iceberg lettuce. The dressing is usually limited to salt, vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil, which means you can taste the individual ingredients.

Rice and vegetable salad is frequently seen on Spanish menus and this salad features cold cooked white rice, finely chopped cooked vegetables, and either mayonnaise or an extra-virgin olive oil, honey and lemon dressing. Despite the name “Russian salad” is served in many Spanish tapas bars and restaurants, and this salad contains potatoes, peas, mayonnaise, egg, tuna, parsley, and lemon juice. Russian salad is served with breadsticks or sliced baguette bread.

Simple Spanish Salad Ideas

In Murcia, which is in the south of the country, “ensalada Murciana” is very popular. This salad is made with canned tomatoes, tuna, onion, black olives, and hard-boiled eggs. It can be made in very little time and the Spanish enjoy this with bread or crackers, or served by itself as a quick lunch. Smoked fish salad is also popular, especially in the coastal regions.

A Spanish smoked fish salad might contain smoked cod, halibut or salmon, as well as tomatoes, asparagus and onion. The dressing is usually something simple like oil, balsamic vinegar and some salt and black pepper to taste. Salads are very popular all over Spain, not just in the Catalunya region, especially in the summer when the weather can be fiercely hot.

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