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How to Make Memorable Salad Recipes

Although you can pretty much combine any ingredients to make a salad, that does not mean you can simply throw everything together and hope for the best. Part of the appeal of salads is how they look and how attractive they are. Salads are usually (but not always) colorful, featuring the typical bright colors of fresh vegetables.

Some salads are tossed with or without a dressing, some are arranged neatly on the plate, and others are served in a lettuce leaf or inside an avocado shell, for example. There are many ways to make your salads memorable, for the way they are presented as well as for the flavor.

A simple salad can be just as impressive as something which is more complicated, and salads can be made with surprisingly few ingredients. The fewer ingredients you use in your homemade salad recipes, the more the flavor of each individual ingredient will shine out.

Ingredients and Presentation

Because salad is not usually cooked, or at least most of the ingredients are not, this means you should take care to select good quality ingredients, because you cannot disguise them by cooking them.

For example, tomatoes which are past their best could be turned into a very nice tomato sauce for spaghetti, but you should probably use fresher ones for your tomato salad. Use fresh ingredients wherever possible if you want to make the best salad recipes.

How to Make Memorable Salad RecipesIf you are serving a salad at a dinner party, then it pays to make it look as attractive as you can. You might like to serve the salad on a bed of mixed leaves or add some fresh herbs or lemon slices as an elegant garnish. Perhaps you would like to make a gourmet seafood salad recipe or feature another impressive ingredient.

A Few Salad Recipes Facts

Salad has been enjoyed since the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans, although the first salad recipes were very simple. Dinner salads started to become popular in the Renaissance, and composed salads (those with layers), which are known as chef’s salad today, started to appear in the 1700s.

The word “salad” is derived from “sal” which is the Latin word for salt. Early salad dressings were made with oil, vinegar, and salt. The Romans would dress raw vegetables with this brine mixture. It was believed that raw vegetables were easy to digest and very healthy, and the salty dressing gave them a nice flavor.

Salad World Records

The biggest salad in the world was made in 2007, in Almeria, Spain. Comprising just less than 7½ tons of lettuce, onions, bell pepper, olives, and tomatoes, this salad took twenty chefs more than three hours to toss. The salad was distributed to local restaurants who provided it to their customers for free.

The most expensive salad was created in 2003 by celebrity chef Raymond Blanc, at the Hempel Hotel in London. The salad took six hours to make and contained beluga caviar, potatoes decorated with gold leaf, grated truffle, Florette baby leaf salad, lobster, crab, and 30-year-old balsamic vinegar.

The most important part of this gourmet salad was the two ounces of golden caviar. These fish eggs come from albino and Oscietre sturgeons and this ingredient was formerly reserved for Russian tsars. This salad had a price tag of just under $1,000, and the caviar accounted for about $900 worth.

All About Lettuce

Although not every salad contains lettuce, it is definitely a key component in many salad recipes. Lettuce is the base of many salads and other salads are served on a bed of lettuce, or a bed of mixed salad leaves. The history of lettuce stretches back more than six thousand years, to the time of the Sumerians, who were the first known civilization in southern Iraq.

The Romans used to eat lettuce before indulging in their huge banquets, because they believed lettuce boosted the appetite and relaxed the alimentary canal. The Romans are believed to have introduced lettuce to Britain. The word “lettuce” derives from “latucca” which is a Latin word referring to the milky juice that comes out of lettuce.

Dried lettuce juice was used as a sleep aid in Elizabethan times, although the lettuce we see today started out as a weed in the Mediterranean basin area.

Perhaps you are wondering how iceberg lettuce got its name. This type of lettuce was developed in the United States and then packed with ice, so it would survive transportation to warmer places. The first iceberg lettuce reached Britain in the 1970s from the United States, but British farmers did not master iceberg cultivation until the mid-1980s.

Romaine is a long-leafed lettuce. It is also known as Cos, because it is believed to have originated on the Greek island of Cos. This is also where Hippocrates was born. Romaine has been cultivated and eaten for nearly five thousand years. It is believed to be the oldest form of cultivated lettuce.

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