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Homemade Salad Recipes for Everyone

Salads are popular all over the globe and they usually include raw vegetables. There are lots of types of homemade salad recipes for everyone, and it can be a lot of fun experimenting with salad recipes and trying out new kinds of salads to see which ones your family prefers.

A salad can be savory, sweet or a combination of the two. You can follow salad recipes or make up your own, and you can serve a salad as an appetizer, side dish, or main meal. You can also serve a sweet salad for breakfast or as a dessert, so you can see how versatile salads are.

The Most Typical Salads

First of all, there is vegetable salad. This is found everywhere and every country has its own version. An example of a vegetable salad might be a mixture of onion, tomato, avocado, cucumber, celery, carrot, mushroom, bell pepper, and radish. Other ingredients might include palm heart, green beans, olives, hard-boiled egg, roasted bell pepper, meat, croutons, or cheese.

Green salad is very popular, and another name for green salad is garden salad. This is made from spinach, lettuce or other green leafy vegetables, and it is also known as tossed salad, since the leaves are tossed together to combine them well. This type of salad is high in vitamins and minerals, but low in fat and calories.

An entrée salad can be served for lunch or dinner, and usually contains grilled or fried chicken, steak, or seafood. Different types of entrée salad include Greek salad, Bobb salad, Caesar salad, and chef’s salad.

What is a Bound Salad?

A bound salad is the name given to tossed ingredients which are bound together with mayonnaise, sour cream or a similar ingredient. Tuna salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, chicken salad, and egg salad are all varieties of bound salad. These are usually creamy and will hold together when you scoop them.

Coleslaw is an example of a bound salad. Can you imagine hot, sticky ribs without coleslaw on the side? Coleslaw is one of the most popular side dish salad varieties and it is something that all home cooks should learn to make.

You can use these salads as sandwich fillers or baked potato toppers, or you can take them to picnics or serve them at barbecues. Bound salads also keep fresh for longer in the refrigerator than tossed salads and you can make them a day or two ahead if you want. Because you are using mayonnaise and perhaps seafood or eggs, these salads should be kept chilled, so if you are taking a bound salad to a picnic then make sure you keep it cold.

Homemade Salad Recipes for EveryoneFruit Salads and Dessert Salads

Another type of salad is the fruit salad. Although a lot of savory salads contain fruits, you can also get salads which are only made from fruits, and these can be served for breakfast or as a dessert. Some of the dessert versions might contain other ingredients like cream, marshmallows, or nuts. Gelatin also features in a lot of dessert salads.

Popular dessert salads include ambrosia, gelatin salad, and pistachio salad. Some other kinds, which are not as well-known, include Snickers® salad, cookie salad and glorified rice. Dessert salads are more popular in the United States than anywhere else in the world.

Which Type of Salad Recipes to Make

Whether you are making your first salad recipes or simply expanding your salad repertoire, it is always worth looking for new inspiration so you can keep your salad recipes fresh and interesting. The classic way of making a salad is to begin with a bed of salad leaves or mixed greens and then add your toppings and dressing.

Types of Salad Greens

Salad greens are a great source of fiber and they are low in calories, which means that using them is a nice way of adding volume to your salad without adding extra calories. Use baby spinach, iceberg, leaf lettuce, romaine, butter lettuce, escarole, red cabbage, or a mixture of these. The darker the lettuce, the more vitamins and minerals it contains. Spinach offers plenty of iron, for example.

On top of the greens you can add almost any kind of raw vegetables. Broccoli, avocado, tomato, cucumber, radish, sugar snap peas, green beans, zucchini, cauliflower, carrot, artichokes, and asparagus are just some ideas. Brightly colored vegetables provide healthy bioflavonoids and dark green ones are very low in calories.

Add Fruit for a Touch of Sweetness

You might also like to add fruit to your salad. Add vitamins and antioxidants by adding apple slices, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, or other fruits. You can use fresh fruit, thawed fruit, or canned fruit.

Fresh fruit usually looks better, but thawed or canned fruit also works. If you are using apple, banana or anything else which turns brown, douse it with lemon or lime juice first, to stop it from browning. If you are using thawed or canned fruit, make sure it is well drained. Dab it on a paper towel if necessary, since the excess liquid from thawing or from the can might make the salad soggy else. Fruit adds a lovely burst of sweetness and flavor, and it also looks colorful on your salad.

Meat, Seafood and More

Protein in the form of egg, beef, tuna, shrimp, cheese, turkey, or chicken is another good idea, or you can combine two or more of these ingredients. What about fried strips of chicken, some crumbled crispy bacon, or even some leftover turkey from the day before? Tuna can be drained and mixed with sour cream or mayonnaise, as well as a little chopped celery or some cooked corn kernels, or you can serve it as it is.

Cheese goes with any kind of meat or fish, and it is also good with fruit, so feel free to feature fruit, meat, and cheese in the same salad. Finish off with a few cashews, pecans, walnuts, or almonds, for a yummy crunch, and a drizzle of salad dressing.

The type of salad dressing you choose depends on the salad itself, as well as your personal preference. You might favor something tangy with lemon or lime juice, a classic vinaigrette, something creamy with sour cream, mayonnaise or blue cheese, a sweet seafood dressing, or something else.

The most important part of making a salad is to have fun with it and be creative, mixing the colors and textures, trying new vegetables or new kinds of salad leaves, and also trying out different salad dressing recipes. You might also like to try some international salad recipes, to make a change.

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Fresh, crisp salad recipes are always a delight, no matter what the occasion or season. Coleslaw served alongside your sticky pork ribs in the summer sun is one of the best things in life, as is a nice chilled seafood salad enjoyed with a glass of fine white wine outdoors, when you have dinner guests over. Moreover, what about the cooler months? A crisp, colorful appetizer salad is always delicious before a hearty winter supper, or you might like to make a warm chicken and bacon salad for your lunch, or even a grilled vegetable salad recipe for a healthy dinner.


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