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Delicious Raw Apple Mango Salad

Something about the heat of summer sends our senses reeling towards salads of all types, such as raw apple mango salad. Suddenly the thought of chilled fruits and fresh raw vegetables has cooks from different lifestyles searching for combinations of fresh produce and lighter types of dressing than that more commonly used in winter months. Vinaigrettes are delightfully easy to prepare and produce wonderful flavor for many salads and often as a marinade for chicken and beef.

Some fruits taste good cooked or raw, such as the combination of raw apple mango salad. Most fruit requires an extra amount of care, such as peeling, coring and removing the seeds. The biggest benefit is getting to sample a thin slice of each type of fruit while preparing it for the salad.

The crunchy apple and mellow mango combine tastes and textures to create an exotic dish for your meal. Pineapple and papaya are other fruits to add to raw apple mango salad and if you have access to persimmons, you can add small amounts of a persimmon to the salad for color and variety.

Because raw apple mango salad has a beautiful blend of colors, add to the appeal by serving the salad in a clear bowl so everyone can absorb the colors. Everyone has a favorite raw apple, including Delicious, Fuji, and Granny Smith.

Delicious Raw Apple Mango SaladIf you have more than one type of apple at home, add chunks of each one. Golden Delicious and Green Granny Smith apples with red mango will make a spectacular presentation whether serving the salad at home or at a school potluck. You will find many helpful guides on preparing apples, mango, and other fruits on Internet recipe sites. Experience the best that Mother Nature offers with fresh fruit.

Combining Fruit Salad with Grains

Sometimes you might want to make a sweet fruit salad which consists solely of the fruit you choose and some lemon juice, honey, whipped cream, nuts, or other fruit salad ingredients. On other occasions you might want to top a salad greens base with tomato, onion, cucumber, and mixed fruit, to make a refreshing summer salad. There is a lot you can do with a raw apple mango salad though, and some people like to combine these fruits with their favorite grain to make something satisfying and hearty.

For example, you can stir cooked white rice with grated apple and diced mango. Add a little sour cream or mayonnaise, plus some salt and pepper to taste, and you have a delicious raw apple mango salad with rice. Substitute couscous, bulgur wheat, or even macaroni for the rice if you prefer.

This salad is great served on a bed of baby salad leaves and it makes a nice lunch or dinner. Apple and mango give you nutrients, the grain (whichever one you choose) satisfies your hunger, and the mayonnaise or dressing bi

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