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How to Make the Best Egg Salad Recipes

Egg salad is a classic dish, although any home cook will tell you that homemade egg mayonnaise is much nicer than anything you can buy from the store. Homemade egg salad has a lovely fresh flavor and you can choose from many different egg salad recipes.

If you are new to making your own salads, you might have a few questions about this particular dish. How do you make egg salad exactly? How long does egg salad keep?

Step by Step Guide

First of all, you will need to boil some eggs. Put eggs in a pot and cover them by half an inch or so with cold water, then bring the water to a boil. Turn off the heat, cover the pot, and let the eggs sit in the very hot water for exactly seven minutes. Transfer them into a pot of ice water for a few minutes, then crack and peel them.

Add mayonnaise, salt and pepper and mash with a fork. Alternatively you can dice them with a wire egg slicer (slice one way, rotate the egg ninety degrees, slice again, rotate and slice one more time, until you have lots of little egg cubes). Optional additives to egg salad recipes include curry powder, mustard, onion, chives, and celery.

How to Make the Best Egg Salad RecipesHow Long Does Egg Salad Keep?

Three days in the refrigerator is about the most you should keep egg salad for. Some people claim to keep their egg salad for up to five days but it depends on the exact temperature in the refrigerator as well as how old the eggs were. It is best to stick to three days.

A Few Words About Egg Safety

Rarely eggs contain salmonella, which is a bacterium causing upset stomachs. Some dressings, such as an authentic Caesar salad dressing, might contain raw egg, making it risky for expectant mothers or anyone with a compromised immune system. If you want to be sure your egg salad recipe is safe to eat, make sure the eggs are cooked until the yolks are firm or have reached an internal temperature of 160 degrees F. Boil your eggs for fifteen minutes. This ensures they will be very hot and the yolk will be firm.

Keep eggs in the main section of your refrigerator between 33 and 40 degrees F, and if you accidentally leave any cooked egg at room temperature, throw it out after a couple of hours (or as little as one hour in warm weather) in case it is no longer good to eat. Wash your hands (and any kitchen surfaces) well after being in contact with raw egg. It is a good idea to follow these tips, in order to make sure your egg salad recipes and egg-based salad dressing recipes taste good and are also safe for you to eat.


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