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How to Make Salad Recipes Like a Pro

Making salad is very easy, but there are a few tips and trips worth knowing about. Some people seem to make really good salads and others are left wondering how they get their salads to be so well balanced and so delicious. Some people seem to be able to throw anything together and end up with a delicious salad while other home cooks are not sure which ingredients to use.

One of the great things about making salad recipes is that you can be very creative with the ingredients, since most salad vegetables combine well. You can mix your vegetables together, and then add cold meat, cheese, fruit, olives, and anything else you like.

Be brave and experiment; you might just end up with a new family favorite. Not only can you make delicious salad recipes but you can also experiment with salad dressing recipes, creating a rich, creamy dressing, a cheesy one, something with citrus, a traditional vinaigrette, or even a spicy dressing.

Tips for Perfect Preparation

It is worthwhile using the best ingredients you can get, if you want to make stunning salads. Perfection is very hard to achieve when using fresh fruit and vegetables, but do not use anything which is visibly bruised or marked.

How to Make Salad Recipes Like a ProChop everything into similar-sized pieces for a professional look too. If you are chopping tomatoes into wedges for a salad, try to get the wedges the same size. If you are slicing eggs and you want even slices, then you might like to use an egg-slicer for that professional look.

Some salads are artistically arranged on the plate and others are tossed together. Either of these can look nice because part of the appeal of a fresh salad is how it looks. Of course, the flavor is also important, but you see the salad before you taste it, so it is worth taking the time to ensure it looks attractive.

You can prepare salad in advance but do not add any moist ingredients like tomatoes, else the dry ingredients (like the salad leaves) will go slimy, and do not dress the salad until just before serving either. If you are making something with mayonnaise like egg salad, chicken salad or potato salad, just keep it in a covered container in the refrigerator until serving.

Working with Large Quantities

So how do you keep a salad cold? If you are making a potato salad, egg salad, or something like that, fill a small sealable container with water, and freeze it. Put the frozen container in the bottom of your salad bowl, then spoon the salad on top, and it will stay cold for a couple of hours.

This is especially handy if you are going to be transporting your salad or serving it at a buffet table, or if there is another reason you cannot keep it in the refrigerator until serving.

If you want your homemade salad to appear larger, then invert a plate in the bottom of your serving bowl and pile the salad on top. The inverted bowl will give the salad a nice, rounded top, and make it look larger. If you are feeding your family you will not want to bother with this, but when feeding a crowd it is handy to know a few tips and tricks.

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You can see in this picture a woman enjoying her lunchtime salad. Salad is a great option for lunch because it is quick to make and you can even make it in advance, dressing it when you are ready to eat. Salad is not just a meal for the warmer months either, because it is a healthy, nutritious, and filling dish to enjoy at any time. A salad recipe can be as light or heavy as you like, and you can add your favorite ingredients and leave out those you do not like, personalizing your homemade salad recipes and making them your own.


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