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How to Make Chicken Salad

Learning how to make chicken salad is very simple and there are various recipes to choose from. The chicken salad recipe shown in this video is especially easy because it only requires five ingredients – chicken, avocado, onion, Greek yogurt, and celery.

Paprika or cumin can also be added to spice the chicken salad up a little, or even a little lemon juice, but that is your choice. It is perfectly good with just the five ingredients listed.

This is quite a healthy recipe because it is low in fat. Avocado is especially tasty and it can lower your bad cholesterol levels while boosting the good ones. Greek yogurt is much lower in fat than mayonnaise or Miracle Whip. It is up to you how fine you want to chop your ingredients. Some people like to finely chop everything and others prefer a chunkier texture.

Fresh Ingredients Give Better Results

The girl in the video is using frozen avocado halves and canned chicken while showing you how to make chicken salad but you might like to try fresh avocados and leftover chicken because the flavors and textures will be much nicer.

Frozen avocados are mushier than fresh ones and canned chicken contains various preservatives. If you do not mind, you can still use those and save a few cents but, for a superior flavor, use fresh ingredients. Serve this with crackers or toast, or with salad greens for a tasty lunch or appetizer.

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