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How Do I Make Pretzel Salad?

Pretzel salads are usually sweet and you can make them by combining pretzels with ingredients such as whipped cream, fruit, crushed pineapple, sugar, and cream cheese. Pretzels are salty and crunchy and they work well in pretzel salad recipes.

A pretzel salad usually has a crust and a filling. The crust is made with pretzels, butter, and sugar and the topping could be cream cheese, Cool whip and sugar or another combination of creamy ingredients. The topping is fruit-based or a combination of fruit and gelatin or berries and gelatin.

The Ingredients in Pretzel Salad

If you want to know the answer to “how do I make pretzel salad” you should find a good pretzel salad recipe and follow that. A pretzel salad is a sweet salad, rather like jello salad which combines gelatin (a sweet ingredient) with fruit, cream, chocolate chips, marshmallows and other dessert ingredients to make a sweet dish.

Pretzels can be served by themselves as a snack but they are also used in other recipes. Interestingly enough, although pretzels are savory they only ever seem to feature in sweet recipes.

How Do I Make Pretzel Salad?The first pretzels were soft but modern ones are hard and these keep in an airtight container for months. You can get different flavors of pretzels, most of which are great for making pretzel salad recipes. Pretzels can be crumbled to make an ice cream topping and the combination of sweet ice cream and savory, salty pretzels is a great one. This is what led to pretzel-flavored ice cream cones and also to recipes like pretzel salad.

Fascinating Pretzel Facts

Pretzels date back to 610 AD, when an Italian monk baking bread decided to make it in the form of a twisted shape. The dough was supposed to symbolize hands crossed across the chest in prayer and the Latin word “pretiola” (where the word pretzel came from) means, “little reward” since the pretzels were for the monk’s catechism students. By the time the pretiola arrived in Germany, the name had changed to “bretzels.” Hard pretzels were first made in the late seventeenth century, when a baker in Pennsylvania overcooked the pretzels. The master baker tasted one and realized it was delicious.

Pretzels were handmade until the 1930s and the average worker could twist 40 per minute. The first automated pretzel machine was introduced in 1935 and it could make 245 per minute, which is 5 tons a day. This little treat is considered a good luck symbol, maybe because of its religious roots. German kids wear pretzels around their necks on New Year’s Day. Pretzels are also used in wedding ceremonies in Switzerland. The newlyweds make a wish and then break a pretzel, and that is where the phrase “tying the knot” comes from.

More Pretzel Trivia

More than $550 million worth of pretzels are sold every year in the United States and 80% of those are made in Pennsylvania. The average American eats up to two pounds of pretzels a year, but Philadelphians eat twelve pounds per person on average. Perhaps you have heard of Joey “Jaws” Chestnut? His claim to fame is eating twenty one soft pretzels in ten minutes. The biggest pretzel was baked in Philadelphia. It was five feet across and weighed 40 pounds.


Photo Credit: Adapted from Strawberry jello salad by Lydia Fizz, on Flickr used under a cc license Some Rights Reserved.

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