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Displaying Your Salad: Salad Presentation is Everything

Special guests are coming to dinner tonight and you have created an incredibly beautiful tossed or garden salad. Pieces of romaine and iceberg lettuce show off their green leaves against fresh spinach and diagonally cut celery. Bright red tomatoes, slices of orange carrot and black and green olives add to the color.

The salad is in your favorite solid-colored hard plastic bowl ready to serve. Something is very wrong with that scene. You have spent a great deal of time preparing this incredible salad. Show it off. Presentation is everything and guests sitting at the table will be unable to see all the inside beauty.

Garden Salad Presentation Ideas

Often we make small individual salads for one or two people. It is time to get your beautiful stemware out of the china cabinet. Use margarita glasses to serve your incredible shrimp salads, positioning a giant shrimp or two over the side. Serve with a salad fork to minimize accidental bumping of the fork against the stemware. Champagne glasses are beautiful containers for jello salads and make the presentation so much better. When offering food in lovely surroundings such as hand-etched crystal, appeal makes the taste even better.

Why hide the brandy snifter behind your collection of Barbie dolls? Every salad you make will look better in a beautiful serving bowl. Because the stemware has different lengths of stems, you have many options of decorating around the dish and adding to your table display.

Displaying Your Salad: Salad Presentation is EverythingWrap costume jewelry around the base or decorate with colorful, fragrant garlands. Once upon a time, every bride had stemware because it was traditional. It is a new era and you can celebrate by using the lovely crystal stemware to make your dinners special, colorful, decorative, and fun. When it is time for displaying your salad, presentation is everything.

Professional-Looking Salad Recipes

Whenever you serve a salad, most or all of what is on the plate should be edible, so avoid carved flower carrots or radishes, strawberries with a stem or too-large pieces of vegetables. Instead, try sprinkles of colorful spices, dots of flavored oil, vegetable puree, thinly sliced fruit or vegetables, or chopped fresh herbs on your next salad recipe, for an attractive salad presentation. Use non-edible garnishes if you must, but limit them to maximum one per plate. Too much garnish means an over-fussy, messy presentation.

Present an Appealing Salad

Food appears fresher when you use white plates and it is also a nice idea, when serving salad recipes, to add shredded colored vegetables like bell peppers, beets, or carrots, mixing up the colors for a more colorful, and therefore more appetizing, salad recipe. No matter how delicious your salad tastes, people eat with their eyes before the food gets past their lips, so make it look tempting and people will be excited about grabbing a fork and sampling your homemade salad.

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