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Salad is More Than Just Healthy it is So Delicious Too…

The world of salads is a huge one. There are literally thousands of different ingredient combinations you can make, to produce different salads. Perhaps you have a favorite macaroni salad recipe, tuna salad recipe or spinach salad recipe already or maybe you are a novice when it comes to making this type of dish.

Most salads are really easy to prepare because there is not much heating or cooking involved (often none at all) and salads can be very quick to put together if you have all your ingredients ready.

Different Types of Salads

Although there is a broad range of salad recipes, you will find that certain salads go well alongside meat, fish, or poultry recipes, some are better as appetizers and others are tasty enough to be served alone, as the main course. A ham salad recipe or egg salad recipe can make a delicious light lunch but a seafood salad recipe with homemade salad dressing is exquisite enough for a dinner party entree.

Some salads are very basic and contain just four or five different ingredients and others have a bit more to them, perhaps using cooked meat or fish. There are also grain salads made with rice, pasta, quinoa, or couscous and these can make a great side dish because you only have to make the salad; you do not have to make rice or pasta and an additional salad on the side.

Shopping for the Best Salad Ingredients

Most salads feature vegetables and in order to give your salad the best flavor it is important to use fresh produce wherever possible. Some things will have to be fresh, such as the lettuce and tomatoes, but others might be canned or frozen. Some canned or frozen ingredients are very similar to fresh ones and others are very different.

You might think a tuna salad recipe with corn is going to taste similar whether you use frozen or canned corn (and you would be right), but would you thaw strawberries to make a strawberry spinach salad? Thawed fruit is fine to use in jello or smoothies but its mushy appearance would not look very good in a salad. When it doubt, use fresh ingredients for superior results.

Traditional Salads and Modern Ones

Most people have tasted tuna nicoise, Caesar salad, or Greek salad but not everyone has tried more unusual ones like strawberry spinach salad or fruity summer salads. Traditional salads are a popular choice in restaurants because when you order one you know exactly what you are going to get.

It is different when you make your own salad recipes though because you get to choose exactly what goes into it. You can choose your ingredients, colors, textures and whether you are going to make a chopped salad, a layered one, or a tossed salad.

You might choose to use international vegetables or exotic spices to add a unique flavor to your simple salad recipes or you might like to keep the salad simple and make an exciting homemade salad dressing to go with it. You can be as creative as you like when making salads, experimenting with different flavors, textures, and colors to make the salad as delicious as possible.


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Our Salad Recipe Origins

Different Types of Salad Recipes

Salads come in many varieties, so there is something for every occasion and palate. A salad might feature cooked ingredients with raw ones, or raw ones alone. Salads can be healthy, rich and indulgent, creamy, spicy, unusual, traditional, or whatever you like. There are thousands of ingredients to choose from, when making the best salad recipes.

Appetizer Salads

First of all, there are appetizer salads, which tend to be small in size and attractive in appearance. Serving salad as an appetizer means your guests will not be too full to enjoy their entrée.

Also, there are so many different types of salad recipes to choose from, you can make something which contrasts nicely with the entrée. For example, if you are serving beef, pork, or lamb, you might like to serve a fish salad or seafood salad appetizer, or even something with chicken. What about warm chicken with bacon on a bed of mixed salad leaves with a blue cheese dressing, or some bean sprouts, shrimp and cucumber in a sesame oil sauce?

If you are making a bowl of salad for a buffet instead of plating the salads individually for a sit-down meal, you can toss everything together, instead of arranging it on the plates. Serve the dressing on the side, so people can dress their salad themselves when they take some salad, else the lettuce might go slimy after a while.

Entrée Salads

For main dish salads, you will need something more substantial than the appetizer salads. You can still use a bed of salad greens, baby spinach or mixed leaves to present your salad on, but you will need more protein and some carbs too, to make it well balanced and tasty. Perhaps you want to use rice, potatoes, or pasta to make a filling salad.

You could make a couple of different salads (maybe a macaroni salad recipe and a chicken salad recipe, for example) and serve a scoop of each one on top of the salad leaves. Add some grated carrot, a few cubes of cheese, some celery, onion, and anything else you like, and you have a delicious meal which is sure to satisfy everyone’s hunger.

Side Dish Salads

Another type of salad is the side dish salad. Serving salad as a side dish usually means it is going alongside cooked meat, poultry, or fish, and you might already have some rice or potatoes on the plate. A side dish salad is usually quite basic, at least when compared to an appetizer or entrée salad, and it might consist of a couple of types of salad leaves, and maybe also cucumber, onion, celery, or other crunchy salad staples, as well as chopped tomato and some kind of dressing.

A side dish salad should complement whatever you are serving it with. If you are serving spicy meat, for example, you might wish to contrast the side dish, making it cooling and perhaps creamy. A spicy meat entrée served with a spicy salad is too much spice and not enough contrast. If you are serving something like a Cajun chicken breast or a chili-marinated steak, then what about serving a mixed leaf salad with a sour cream-based dressing, to contrast with the fieriness of the meat, and take some of the heat off.

If you are serving a plain poached chicken breast or piece of fish, then you can be more creative with your side salad, perhaps adding more ingredients like egg, cheese, raisins, nuts, pickles, fruit, or other ingredients, and then you can select a flavorful dressing.

Five Reasons to Make Your Own Salad Recipes

1. Salad Recipes are So Easy

There is nothing much involved in rustling up a high quality salad recipe and some only require three or four ingredients. Everyone from beginner cooks right up to five star chefs can make an impressive salad recipe.

2. Salads are Healthy

Typical salad base ingredients like lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes are almost calorie-free and you can make a really healthy meal by adding cheese, chicken, beef, seafood, or another favorite to a simple salad base.

3. They are Really Versatile

A salad can be served as a side dish, an appetizer, lunch or dinner. You can choose from tangy citrus-based salads to a creamy potato salad recipe or even mixed fruit salad recipes. If you need a last minute appetizer or side dish, you can throw a salad together in a few minutes.

4. There are Options for Everybody

Not everybody likes chicken so not everyone will like chicken salad recipes. Not everyone can eat eggs so an egg salad recipe will not appeal to every person. There are however different options for everyone. You do not even have to include traditional ingredients like salad leaves or tomato. If you want to make a fruit-only salad, a warm salad, or an exotic salad with an international flavor, you can do that just as easily.

5. The Ingredients are Widely Available

Different salad recipes call for different ingredients but most are widely available. It can also be nice to use locally-grown, seasonal ingredients. That way you will be supporting your local farmers and enjoying the best quality, most delicious fresh produce at the same time.

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I have collected lots of salad recipes all in one place, to make finding the perfect salad for the occasion as convenient and easy as possible. Making a special salad can take as few as 5 minutes or you might be using freshly grilled seafood or meat as some of the ingredients, or adding other special touches.

Whether you are looking for a chicken salad or egg salad recipe, something international or unusual, or an elegant salad for a dinner party, you will find it all here. We have salads for carnivores and vegetarians, and also plenty of sensational salad dressings for you to consider. So take a look at some of our exciting salad recipes and choose something amazing to impress your family with.

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